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Thank you for choosing One Body Exercise Physiology and for giving us the opportunity to work with you to achieve your health goals


Our director and chief practicing Exercise Physiologist Marianna Campbell is also an accredited Pilates instructor and practices what she preaches!


Strength based training is super important for muscle strength and bone health through all stages of life. We need to be strong to maintain balance, independence and mobility.
While our sessions are primarily reformer pilates based, we focus heavily on strength training using a variety of weights.

Exercise Physiology

If you have an injury you are trying to manage or a chronic health condition, we are here to help. You can be seen under a care plan from your GP or privately under Private Health Insurance.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Jim Rohn

About Us

One Body Exercise Physiology supports, encourages, and educates individuals with and without a chronic disease to develop and maintain their best ‘one body’. We do this in a non threatening environment that ensures quality care and gentle guidance, in a private studio gym.

Peace of Mind

We are a no-nonsense practice led by a mum of three and we genuinely care about our team and our patients. Your treatment is designed just for you, not as a procedure or a box ticking exercise. The peace of mind you have with One Body, is we are here for YOU.


Our studio is only small, but is well stocked and all of our machines are well maintained. We have the ability to close all the doors so if you need absolute privacy, we are able to offer it.


We want to reduce the stigma associated with womans health and exercise during certain periods in life, such as pregnancy, post natal, ageing and pain. We Provide the very best care we can to you. Our aim is to educate so you have the ability to self manage your condition confidently.

Why Choose Us?

At One Body Exercise Physiology,we work with you and your body through all stages of life. Our team is led by Exercise Physiologists who have a great understanding of the changes that happen in your body during pregnancy, birth, injury, surgery and beyond.

You Only Have One Body... For Life... So why trust us with it?

We aim to break down the barriers associated with exercise during the pre and post natal period, and help all patients use exercise as medicine to improve their health, and mange their condition, we do this using evidence based practice guidelines.
    • Our sessions are designed to teach you how to manage your condition
    • We use state of the art equipment and up to date techniques
    • Guidance on your progression is given and we will consistently be guided by your feedback

Stay tuned and up to date!

We will be releasing newsletters in the coming months and would love to share with you our timetables and available spots, as well as free guides on stretching and exercises you can try at home! 

Interesting Facts

Did you know that Exercise Physiology and Pilates have proven successful in treating a full range of problems from diabetes to acute injury and motor neuron diseases? And at One Body, we have been doing this for a little while now… 

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Our Group Classes

Our group fitness classes are fast paced and challenging with a primary focus of building strength, muscular endurance and core stability. Whether you have specific fitness goals or are looking to reap the health benefits of exercise, our everyday group fitness class will delivery. Sessions are run as a circuit for 45 mins with a max of 8 per session.

Group classes outline
Prior to joining a group class, we request you attend a prescreening appointment. Here, an Exercise Physiologist can take all your relevant medical history, work with you one on one to determine which class will suit you best, and so you can feel confident and prepared in the class.

During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Strength and Reformer

  • Our Pregnancy strength and Reformer Pilates classes are appropriate for each trimester of pregnancy. They are designed to help you prevent and ease aches and pains, prepare your body for birth and keep you strong for when baby arrives. Here, we focus on strength movements such as squats and deadlifts, exercises to target the deep hip stabilizer muscles, core strength, pelvic floor and function

Post Natal

Mums & Bubs Reformer (Beginner)

  • Our Mums & Bubs Reformer Pilates classes are designed specifically to help you recover after birth. Bring your baby along while we keep you safely moving and return to exercise gently and effectively with a strong focus on regaining core strength. Sessions are suitable for mums, 6 weeks post birth. 

Post Natal

Mums & Bubs Strength (Advanced)

  • As strength is imperative for keeping up with your growing little ones, we teach you how to safely lift, with a primary focus on strength movements like squats, deadlifts and upper body strength, whilst protecting your pelvic floor. These classes are suitable for women with children aged 16 weeks onwards

General Well Being

Semi - Private Reformer

  • Our clinical reformer pilates classes are designed to keep a closer eye on you with only 4 people per class.  Here we focus on recover from injury or surgery, pain management, and returning to pain free function. Suitable for any stage of rehabilitation. 

General Well Being

Functional fitness

  • Our falls prevention class is designed to build strength, improve balance and increase core stability. Falls prevention has a main focus on dual task exercises and alternates between upper body and lower body movements, lifting techniques and is suitable for woman, with or without a diagnosis of Osteoporosis, Osteopenia, Menopause, or low bone mineral density. 

General Well Being

General Strength & Reformer

  • Our Strength & Reformer Pilates classes are a great workout that are fast paced and challenging. Here we focus on strength, conditioning and core activation. Sessions are generally run as a circuit with a max of 6 in each session. 

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